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What's New in 2021

Online Educational Evaluations

Why am I doing online Educational Evaluations? I have over 30 years experience in administering in-person evaluations. My commitment to providing reliable educational evaluations led me to spend this last spring and early summer studying and rehearsing administering online evaluations. In order to do online evaluations, the stimulus booklets need to be digital. So I purchased all the digital materials I needed from Pearson, the publisher of the tests that I have been using for several years.

  • I have conducted several online evaluations this summer and find that the online format works exceedingly well. In order for the online administration to run smoothly, I provide a step by step instructional format to parents and students to optimize what is needed for a valid and successful online evaluation. Zoom provides screen sharing which allows a clear presentation of the digital stimulus booklets.

  • During this pandemic, keeping everyone safe is of utmost importance during the evaluation process. It is important to wear a mask and maintain distance. An educational evaluation takes a minimum of six hours. Although breaks are offered and two sessions can be scheduled, wearing masks for such a long period of time can interfere with the students' motivation and comfort during the evaluation process.

  • Additionally, masks can interfere with the administrations and accuracy of the tests, especially those tests that require attention and working memory. These tests require clear articulation of letters and numbers by the examiner. The student needs to hear the numbers and letters clearly as they are asked to repeat, reverse and sequence the numbers and letters. Because these tests measure attention and short term working memory, the examiner is not allowed to repeat the numbers or letters. Additionally, the examiner needs to hear the students' responses clearly. Unfortunately, having to wear masks can make it difficult to hear clearly as the masks muffle responses. So, during Covid times, the online administration of these Working Memory tests is providing a more valid evaluation result.

  • I have also had the opportunity to compare my online evaluation results to in-person evaluations as many of the evaluations I conducted this summer have been with students I have evaluated in the past. The results for online administration for the students I have re-evaluated are very similar to the previous evaluation indicating that the online evaluation results are as accurate and valid as in-person evaluations.

  • With the online format, I also am discovering that rapport is easily maintained and students display the same motivation and work ethic as in-person evaluations.

I administer online evaluations to students from third grade to adult. Pass it on..... Yours Truly,


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