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Conducting  Online Evaluations From Grade 5 through Adult

Online Education
Student in Library

The online evaluation format provides a safe place to conduct evaluations.  The zoom format provides an ideal situation for rapport building, engagement and allowing the student to do their very best work. Over the past year, I have found the interaction between myself and students and their test performance for the online assessments to be equal to or better than in person evaluations.   

In order for the online assessment to be successful, two computers with audio and video capability and stable internet connectivity, one for myself and one for the student, are needed. A web camera, microphone and speakers or headphones are needed for both myself and student. This is all provided by the premium zoom format. It is recommended that computer screens used for online assessment be at least 15" measured diagonally.  Smaller screens will not work as the work pages will not be seen as needed. Laptops work well; iPad or smartphones are not large enough.

I work with the publisher of the Wechsler Ability and Achievement Tests (WAIS-IV, WISC-V, WIAT-4) to provide online evaluations.  I use digital tools from the publishers secure online testing and scoring platform. Specifically, the digital stimulus booklets will be shown using the screen sharing option on Zoom.

I follow the guidelines for Test Item Security:  Since copyright materials need to be protected during the online evaluation, the video cannot be captured, photos cannot be taken, and stimuli can not be copied or recorded. The client will be asked to agree to not record (audio or visual) or take photos or screenshots of any portion of the test materials or testing session and not permit anyone to observe the testing session. The response booklets used in the testing session will be mailed to the client and need to be returned to the examiner. I will provide a postage paid priority mail return envelope. To assure the validity of the test responses, I will ask the student to show the completed response booklet on camera and ask the student or parent to place the response booklets in a sealed self addressed envelope. More details will be provided when the appointment is made.

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