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a bit about Sharons-House:

I have been providing Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment and Consultation services since 1987 and started my private practice in 1994.  

My expertise is in providing comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation services to clients ages ten (5th grade) through adult.  I specialize in identifying particular learning styles and strengths with the goal of academic success.

If seeking accommodations for school, college or college boards, the student must meet the criteria including a DSM-5 Diagnosis and exhibit functional limitations related to that diagnosis. The evaluation tests, procedures and report I provide will meet those requirements.  Additionally, the report will provide specific recommendations to you and to the school to enable successful academic experiences in school.  


I am also offering online therapy to middle school, high school, college and adults specifically focusing on CognitivBehavioral Therapy (CBT) including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

For more information on ACT:

Check out the videos by Russ Harris, MD:




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